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Boardroom Solutions

Is the AV system in your company boardroom a reflection of your company's standards? Is it sophisticated and feature-rich yet user friendly?

If not, then here's what to look for in a good AV System:

Conference Room

Impress customer and stakeholders

Late starts due to AV issues are embarrassing. 

A reliable, high-quality solution will project a professional image to anyone who attends a presentation or meeting at your office.

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Less embarrassment

How often has it occurred that an employee or guest needs to present and the system is not working or reliable? How much stress are these employees already exposed to having to do their presentation and then also have to stress over the AV system? Is it going to work? Will it run smoothly?

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Make rooms interactive with technology

Designed for medium to small meeting rooms, AV room units are quick and easy to install. They make it easy to turn any drab meeting room into an intimate, interactive space for collaboration.

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Comfort and convenience

Boardroom automation solutions help make your meeting rooms more comfortable places to be.

Why not adjust curtains, lighting, and temperature at the touch of a button from the same touch panel.

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Energy efficiency saves costs and carbon emissions

Older AV systems consume a lot of power. With energy prices rising, newer, energy-efficient boardroom solutions save on energy costs by switching off when not in use.

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More productive and interactive meetings

An effective AV system boosts meeting productivity.

You can use your displays, for example, to show sales targets or key messages to your audience and engage their interest and attention.

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