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Video Conferencing &

Unified Communications

Wondering if you even need a video conferencing or unified communications systems for your business?


Consider the following:

  • Better communication

Today’s video messaging solutions—delivering clear, high definition video—allow people to stay focused, work together constructively, and avoid the misunderstandings that are common in electronic communication. On a softer level, when people see each other, they can also more quickly build a rapport that promotes teamwork.  People can share files and data on-screen, allowing for better collaboration and more productive discussions.

  • Bring remote workers into meetings

A room system is ideal for meeting rooms of all sizes. You can use it to host a standards-based video conference, phone or PC video calls for anyone who could not be at the meeting in the flesh. With the basic infrastructure in place, it becomes a simple and affordable matter to put video conferencing or telepresence solutions in place.  That means that you can include employees and other stakeholders in your meetings without them needing to travel.

  • Maximising your people’s time and productivity

 Video Conferencing helps you save time flying to meetings, reduces your carbon footprint, and maximises collaboration between your offices.

  • The benefits of telepresence

Create the illusion that meeting participants are in the same room. Telepresence offers virtual high-definition communication that is the next best thing to meeting face-to-face. Its directional audio and crystal-clear, life-size video makes it feel like meeting participants are in the same room. This promotes natural interaction and collaboration.

  • A better work experience

You can also improve employee satisfaction by making use of video conferencing and telepresence. Many employees will be grateful if they can spend less time in traffic and on planes—it’s a great way to improve the quality of their work experience. Not everyone wants to spend hours on the road or days away from their families on international business trips.

  • Reduced travel expenses

Travel costs are high and soaring. Video conferencing can allow your employees to meet colleagues and customers face-to-face or attend a training session without needing to get on an aeroplane. It’s as close as you can get to “being” with a person that you’re meeting without being in their physical presence.

With the woeful exchange rate the Rand currently gets for most major currencies, reducing international travel especially can save your business a great deal of money. Just on this level, most companies can get a quick ROI from video solutions. Reducing air and land travel is also a good way to help the environment and reduce your carbon footprint.

  •  Improved collaboration

Video conferencing allows you to bring together your best brains from around the country or even the world for a face-to-face meeting without anyone needing to travel. This helps you to improve collaboration and make better use of the knowledge and expertise in your organisation.

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