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Design, Installation, Maintenance & After-sales Support, all are services that should provide you with peace of mind.


But are you getting good service? Are you sure you have the right system for your needs?

  •  Meeting the correct requirements

We will design your system with your usage patterns in mind; making sure you have the correct solution for your requirements taking future upgrades into consideration.

  •  The best quality installation with an eye for detail

There are many AV companies out there, not many do their own installations; they outsource. We do all our own installations and make sure they are perfectly executed. Our extensive track record speaks for itself!

  • Maintenance of your AV investment

We have tailored Service Level Agreements to offer based on your specific requirements making certain that your system is functioning 100% all the time. We can offer swap-out equipment, on-site resources, next business day attendance- whatever your requirements might be.

  • Service – Your Frustration?

It’s all about service; the service you get from your AV supplier as well as the response times. We take away the frustration of unanswered service calls, delayed or non-answered email responses, response to quotations etc. We at Corporate AV Integration provide this high level of service, as we know how frustrating it is to not get responses.

Design, Installation & Maintenance

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