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  • Stefan Mayer

Covid 19 Health & Safety in the Workplace

It has become necessary in these unprecedented times to really take care of one’s self and those around us.

It has been promoted, with good reason, to wear face masks and disinfect hands and items touched in order to safeguard against contamination.

We can’t just think of ourselves but also need to be taking others into consideration. If we are inviting others into our space, then we have a responsibility to make sure it is safe for them. This is particularly true for the work space.

Corporate AV have looked into AV related tech, which can be helpful.

Business continuity is key! We need to find effective ways to get our staff back to work and earning a living.

These devices might seem costly at first but will allow for a more coherent work force to add value to the business.

The first line of defense would be the entrance to your office/ building. To this end, we are running a promotion on a tripod mounted camera similar to the ones found at airports, which are able to focus on a target area and measure the temperature of people entering from a distance of up to two meters. The system can be set with an alarm to sound when a certain temperature has been detected.

This way, people can be advised to not enter the space from the onset without the risk of infecting others and also knowing there might be a health risk for the person being turned away.

The other space frequented by office staff and visitors are the meeting rooms. How do we treat these rooms? Understandably, we can incorporate safe distance procedures and remove every second chair from the space but how do we control the environment itself? Do we need to instruct cleaning staff to wipe down all surfaces? If so, will they do it effectively?

The risk is high to miss spots and surfaces.

We have found a room fogging device, which when loaded with disinfectant solution can be placed into a meeting room and will fog the room within one to two minutes and disinfect all surfaces and contaminants in that space.

This is a highly efficient way of making sure your workspace environment is safe.

The unit is portable and can be used for any enclosed space such as vehicles too; the staff bus for instance can be disinfected.

Keep safe and wear your masks.


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