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  • Stefan Mayer

Product Review- Logitech MeetUp

What it is:

The Logitech Meet up is a 4k video conferencing sound bar designed for smaller huddle spaces and meeting rooms.


It has an auto framing 4K camera with a 120-degree digital zoom pickup angle and auto tracking functionality based on speaker tracking. Three beam forming microphones as well as front facing speakers complete the package. The unit also has Bluetooth connectivity for audio calls.


This is a very simple device to install and setup. It connects to a laptop or PC via a USB C cable connection. Whichever software application you chose to use, can be assigned to use this connected device. In a meeting room environment, one will also be required to connect a HDMI cable from the connected laptop to a monitor. The Meetup gets mounted with a supplied wall bracket under the screen.


The device is very simple to use. Once connected to a laptop or PC, it will associate itself with the software being used (Zoom, Teams, WebEx etc). A remote control is supplied to pan tilt and zoom the camera as well as to create camera pre-sets for the room. Auto tracking is the most convenient way to use this device. As soon as someone speaks, within a few seconds the camera picks up the speaker and zooms on this person. Should multiple people be speaking at the same time, then the camera will zoom out.


Generally, there is no maintenance associated with such a device but software and firmware update need to be made locally. This is something which needs to be considered for larger organisations as this means going to every device every time there is a software or firmware upgrade in order to install the new software. It cannot be managed remotely.

Image and sound quality:

This device represents incredible value for money. IT will work in a space up to around 20 square meters. The picture quality is superb, incredibly crisp and natural, the beam forming microhomes pick up the speakers’ voice very well. We have compared this unit with other equivalent devices and love this device at its price point.


This is a standalone device, which you can use as is, connected to a laptop.

Should you wish to upgrade the room experience, then you may add the Logitech Tap device and dedicated codec. This codec can be configured for either Zoom, Teams or Google Meet.

The camera can also be connected to a Lenovo Think Smarthub 500 for Microsoft Team Rooms or Zoom Rooms.


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